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Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress
Waterproof and non-slip mattress

Waterproof and non-slip mattress

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Waterproof and non-slip mattress


?When your bed suffers:

?Food and drink stains!
?Baby bed -wetting, spitting up milk!
?Sweating, oil secretion scurf!
?Female, menstruation pregnancy!
?Incontinence of the elderly!
?Dust and mite allergy sufferers!

?I think you must use our waterproof and mite proof sheets, full cover, physical mite removal, advanced waterproof and breathable technology, Euro standard, Maternal-baby safety fabric -- PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS INSTANTLY


  • Urine-proof, waterproof, unlimited protection mattress

With advanced waterproof and breathable technology that covers your entire mattress and insulates water and your baby's urine, protecting your bed gives you peace of mind. With this sheet, your bed will not only look smooth and perfect, but also be securely isolated from water and experience a blissful night's sleep.

  • 360-degree package non-slip, smooth grip

360° omni-directional package design, can firmly wrap the whole bed. People with a tight fit, restless sleepers, especially young children, sleep comfortably when tossing and turning in bed because it always maintains an almost smooth surface.

  • Simple installation, one - piece disassembling and washing more convenient

Fitted sheets cover the mattress -- elastic bands hold them firmly in place. This greatly saves you the time required to lay your mattress each day, leaving you with more free time. Elastic elastic band around the design, integrated cleaning clean.

  • Physical anti-mite, safe and comfortable

Cotton filling design, the whole piece of down filling, not easy to hide mites. Our brushed microfiber sheets give your bed a soft and comfortable feel. Our classic sheets have been designed with your comfort in mind. Made from the finest brushed microfiber yarns for safety and comfort

  • Skin friendly soft fabric, breathable, can sleep naked

The microfibers used to make our sheets are of the highest quality. Long Egyptian cotton yarn is woven with satin weave to produce super soft and smooth bedding. They are shiny and breathable, with quality and comfort comparable to bedding used in top 5-star hotels. Our gorgeous sheets are sure to enhance your home style.

  • Active dyeing process, safe coloring and not easy to fade

Our sheets are cleverly manufactured from strong and durable fabrics and use a new generation of reactive printing technology to maintain their overall brightness and shape for years to come. The microfiber material is treated to prevent shrinkage and fading after washing, thus extending the life of the sheets by keeping them in good condition.

  • The side position is increased, suitable for all mattresses

The bed sheet is designed with a heightened side wall, suitable for 5-30cm mattresses, and a wider range of applications. Simmons, latex mattresses, palm mats and other types of mattresses can be used together



0.9*2m, 1.0*2m, 1.2*2m, 1.5*2m, 1.8*2m, 2.0*2m

STYLE  Marguerite, Rabbit and turnip, Pink flower tree, Cartoon mustache, White,Gray
Package including Mattress*1

Manual measurement, please allow a small size error.
The colors may vary slightly depending on the screen.


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